Schedule of Condition- Do I Need One?

There is no strict requirement under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 for a schedule of condition to be carried out on either property. In fact there is no mention of the term ‘schedule of condition’ in the 1996 Act at all.

However, it is common sense that if works are being undertaken to an area that could affect an adjoining property, that evidence as to its current state is recorded. The schedule of condition documents any cracks, loose plaster, sticking doors etc. in the vicinity of the notifiable works. It is not a survey of the complete building but only those parts that could be affected. This primarily will be the party wall area and any wall coming off the party wall at right angles for example and any doorways in those walls. The schedule would also record the condition of the roof if a loft extension was proposed by the adjoining owner.

The schedule of condition would then form part of the party wall award and any claim of damage during or after the work could be distinguished between old and new damage. It is also for the adjoining owner to show that the damage has occurred as a result of the work and so a schedule of condition will be invaluable for that reason.

The schedule of condition is within the party wall surveyor’s reasonable costs and the building owner would pay for this along with the other reasonable costs of the adjoining owner’s surveyor. We like to be up-front and crystal clear with our charges as you will see on this site. Our standard charge for a schedule of condition is £450.00 inclusive when forming part of an award.


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