If you have recently dealt with London based sham party wall surveyor currently using the name Alex Owen or Peter Robinson, I would be interested in your story.

IMPORTANT NOTE- Alex Owen BSc (Hons) MFPWS of Stuart Henley & Partners, Chartered Surveyors and Planning Consultants of 6 Wrotham Business Park, Barnet, Hants, EN5 4SB is unconnected with the scam artist below. His name has been randomly selected it would seem, to commit this fraud.

Likewise, I am aware that there is a bona fide surveyor called Peter Robinson.

02.04.2018 UPDATE

Graham Steele has been complaining to Google to have search terms relating to his con activities removed from Google searches. This is nothing new and this is what he did prior to the court case denying he was the publisher of the defamatory articles and websites. Google fell for lies and removed the search terms. Steele is now complaining again and this is one of his more recent complaints which is a pack of lies

Further to my recent request the author of this website has modified the posting to include complete and absolute falsification and lies.  I was involved in litigation in 2014 and lost but I don’t owe anyone any money at all.  That said he now states_  He now masquerades under the name of Alex Owen BSc (Hons). The work that I have seen is nothing short of a shambles and a complete waste of money. I personally had to sort out an award between two neighbours where [REDACTED] had taken £900.00 off them and the award he made was a waste of time.   My reply is I do not masquerade as Alex Owen this is a complete fabrication. I have never ripped anyone off. This is highly defamatory.   The posting states_  He also goes under the name of Peter Robinson party wall surveyor. For several years he has been using the name Alan Johnson when visiting his damp proofing victims. Many have identified him from the photos as [REDACTED] [REDACTED] afterwards. Unfortunately it is a ...

Obviously I will be informing Google of his previous lies to them and the evidence to back up the claims he is masquerading as Alex Owen.

These photos are admittedly pretty grainy but, if you have met the the conman, are undoubtedly recognisable as Graham Steele London based sham party wall surveyor currently using the name Alex Owen.

London based sham party wall surveyor currently using the name Alex Owen.London based sham party wall surveyor currently using the name Alex Owen.

My name is Richard Johnson and on 27 October 2014, after a 3 year legal case, we brought to justice Graham Eilam Steele, a London based sham party wall surveyor currently using the name Alex Owen, in what was described as the first ‘cyber libel bullying‘ case in the UK.  Graham Steele had, for over 10 years, attacked many hardworking, honest businessmen and woman from the relative protection of his home in Waltham Abbey, via the internet.

After a sustained attack on me and my business in 2011, I engaged a specialist libel solicitor and sued Graham Eilam Steele. The final nail in his coffin came when we obtained a court order to seize and forensically examined three of his computers that  were hidden in his daughter’s shed. Three other computers had been disposed of before we could seize them. He was found liable for the attacks and ordered to pay £70,000 damages to me and costs to be assessed in the region of £230,000. He has now set up as a London based sham party wall surveyor currently using the name Alex Owen.

The court also slapped an injunction on him, so that if he mutters one word again he is very likely to go to prison for contempt of court. At the time, in order to ‘fight back’ a blog was published that exposed Steele and his resulted in the downfall of his crooked empire, Lifecote. This has been reproduced at www.dampproofingscams.wordpress.com which provides a pretty graphic review of the man. Such was the interest at the time, that the site racked up over 26,000 hits in 5-6 months. He is back on the scene as London based sham party wall surveyor currently using the name Alex Owen

Failing to pay the court awarded costs and damages, Steele was made bankrupt and it transpired that he was already in debt. In total he owed over £500k. He made me an offer to me of £150k in full settlement during the last court hearing, where he was attempting to overturn his bankruptcy. It was rejected. Apparently his wife (or partner as he calls her) had put the money up. Without doubt it was his money that had been salted away, beyond the grasp of creditors.

Steele being the conman that he is, has now diversified from his damp proofing franchise business, going under the collective name of ‘Lifecote‘, to trying to be a party wall surveyor. After years of what can only be described as ‘ripping off’ franchisees and customers, owing tens of thousands of pounds in his wake, he has discovered another way to fleece the unsuspecting public; as a London based sham party wall surveyor currently using the name Alex Owen

Take his most recent incarnation of various party wall related name domains www.localpartywallsurveyors.com or www.partywallact1996.com  or www.partywallsurveyorsassociation.com or www.locallondonsurveyors.co.uk for example. The first site site currently states ‘you only need to pay £395.00 for An (sic) Award or £295.00 for a schedule of condition’. Well hopefully after reading this you will realise why you should indeed pay more and this give this fraudster a wide birth.

The whole concept is a fraud including the claim that they are ‘approved London Borough Council Surveyors’. Notice that there are no details of who you are dealing with. Is it a limited company or an individual? You now have been warned that he in fact Graham Steele a London based sham party wall surveyor currently using the name Alex Owen.

What is just as alarming is that www.partywallsurveyorsassociation.com, illegally uses the RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) logo. The domain has been registered but the to try and prevent any repercussions, Steele has paid for domain privacy which hides the owners details. The conman even charges more on this site than his other. He has however, linked the domain description to the Lifecote Group. What is slightly amusing is that he provides a list of 15 of the Country’s leading Party Wall experts, consultants and third surveyors and casually slips his own sham setup in at number 14 ‘Specialist Party Wall Surveyors’. Not content with that he even slips in Alex Owen BSc(Hons) in the individual surveyor list at number 15!

Steele, following his normal MO has different sites providing back links to each, to try and gain Google ranking which is actually now penalised by Google ww.partywallsurveyors.net. 

In 2016, Steele was using the name Graham Erlam, a slant on his his real first two names. He made an award and charged £810.00 and made a mess of the whole thing. I was asked to sort it out and and had no alternative but to start again acting as agreed surveyor. The building owner lost the money he paid to Steele. This is the signature page of his award which has been ‘witnessed’ by Alan Johnson, a name he uses quite often when pretending be an independent surveyor of his sham damp proofing association. Note the VAT number is that of the Damp Proofing Association Ltd (07981344), now dissolved.

Hopefully now at least you can understand why without impunity, I can refer to this crook as the London based sham party wall surveyor currently using the name Alex Owen

Worryingly, Steele states on his website that fees are payable 50%  up front and then the balance on commencement of ‘survey’, whatever that means. In other words, you will be paying this former bankrupt conman masquerading as a London based sham party wall surveyor currently using the name Alex Owen all the fees before you get your award!

Steele, born on 14/07/1960, has an abysmal record when it comes to running companies. Here is a snapshot of his past

Lifecote Damp Proofing Ltd 06359375 (formerley BWPDA Ltd) Struck off in 2010 after being sued for passing off and paying costs on over £10k.

Lifecote Ltd 05850998 Struck off for not filing accounts for the last 5 years. Unpaid CCJ’s over £25k

Lifecote Europe Ltd 07205318 Struck off due to insolvency and owing £300,000 with overdue accounts.

Lifecote Head Office 08907068 Struck off after only 1 year no accounts filed.

ISRT (London) Ltd 07280980 Struck off after 18 months no accounts filed.

Condensation Control UK Ltd 08517268 Struck off after 18 months no accounts filed.

Guarantee Protection Indemnity Ltd 07965501 Struck off after 2 years no accounts filed.

Guarantee Protection Indemnity Ltd 09085094 Started 3 days after the previous same name company was struck off. Struck off for failing to file accounts.

Damp Proofing Association Ltd 07981344 Trading insolvently owing £300,000 and no assets and two unpaid CCJ’s and dissolved in May 2017.

Steele has since formed another limited company, SSES (LONDON) LTD (10913091) of 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU. This was incorporated on 14 August 2017 and so he will have 18 months to trade and then dissolve it before submitting accounts and probably never paying declaring any turnover.

Guarantee Protection Indemnity Ltd 11139233 Incorporated 9 January 2018. This is the third time Steele has incorporated a company with this exact same name (see above). It trades at 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU (another PO box).

Basically, Steele uses www.damppproofingnationwide.com and www.damp-proofing.com along with his phoney www.dampproofingassociation.co.uk to capture the unsuspecting public into parting with money, who then have sub-standard work carried out and are issued with a guarantee from the phoney Guarantee Protection Indemnity Ltd which will never honour any guarantees. The domain www.gpiguarantees.com is also owned by SSES (London) Ltd (see above details). No doubt a website will be live soon.

You will note GPi Guarantees, that is owned by SSES Ltd, has a contact address for www.locallondonpartywallsurveyors.co.uk, a domain that is not registered and a contact name of Peter Mann, who does not exist!

Mr Graham Steele has a warning flag against his name on the LexisNexis World Compliance Database to warn of the risk he poses to anyone undertaking a search on him.

Steele still keeps his hand in the damp proofing business with a website currently found at www.damp-proofing.com. You will see he tries to legitimise his business by being a member of his own (now dissolved) Damp Proofing Association noted at the bottom of the page. He currently buys his damp proofing wares from Wykamol, who are probably one of the only companies prepared to sell him damp proofing products, given that he had public fall-outs and then subsequently attacked the others over the internet for many years. Maybe that is why he has diversified as a London based sham party wall surveyor currently using the name Alex Owen.

In his quest for retribution Graham Eilam Steele, an exposed crook with unethical business and personal practices, registered yet another Limited company in October 2015. Using the same name as the domain for this website, Party Wall Act Surveyor Ltd and doing what all crooks do, he has lied and falsified documents claiming the director is called ‘Graham Erlam’ who just happens to have the same birth date as the better known Graham ‘Eilam’ Steele. Run from yet another London mail box address, there are no prizes for guessing that this company was also dissolved in March 2017.

Currently, Steele is VAT registered in his own name and public VAT records show his address as 27 Kestrel Road, Waltham Abbey, Essex, EN9 3NB. Therefore, if you are presented with a VAT invoice using this VAT number 182 1069 22, you are within your rights to contact him at this address if you have complaints or queries.

For the record, Steele is about 5’4″, bald head with a monk style haircut or fringe around the circumference and is overweight. His neck bulges over his shirt collar. He is mostly seen wearing a suit and tie. He wears glasses for reading. He has a ‘gait’ where he walks over on one shoe. Most recently he has been using the name Alex Owen.

You should be aware that he goes by the names of

  • Alex Owen BSc (Hons) (Latest name it appears)
  • Peter Robinson
  • Alan Johnson
  • Graham Johnson
  • Paul Harris
  • Alan Walker
  • Mike Walker
  • Peter Walker
  • Graham Erlam
  • Scott

along with others no doubt. He often uses the letters BSc or BSc (Hons) after the name he chooses to use, but in fact failed during the trial to bring any evidence of his degree, stating that he has ‘lost his certificate’. Steele himself, as well as his franchisees, also use the letters M.ISRT  after their names. This is some non-existent association going back to the days of ISRT(London) Ltd.

The business is run from ever changing PO Box addresses and the ‘surveyors’ are the damp proofing franchisees who have for years been drilling holes in walls and injecting damp proofing fluid. The ‘drop-in’ office addresses are those that are owned by his franchisees for damp proofing work. Mr Steele himself works from the house in his wife’s name at 27 Kestral Drive, Waltham Abbey, EN9 3NB. This where London based sham party wall surveyor currently using the name Alex Owen will be found running his business from his bedroom.

People who are unfortunate to fall for his scam generally google him on the internet after realising something is not quite right and they find me. I was contacted by someone who had been scammed. This person served notice on the neighbour themselves and the neighbour dissented. At this point both parties should appoint either an agreed surveyor or a surveyor each. Not knowing the procedure they contacted Steele who did no more than come round, carry out a half baked ‘survey’ and then disappear. He posted them the ‘survey’ which was totally useless and any work going forward is now unlawful. For this he charged £395.00 plus VAT! They have now go to start again as no appointed surveyor will accept a survey from an known scammer and signed simply ‘PWS’ (party wall surveyor I presume).

If you have been scammed by Graham Steele you must complain to Trading Standards which is done easily online. Go to www.gov.uk/find-local-trading-standards-office  and follow the instructions. The more people who complain the more chance something will be done. I am compiling a file to present to the Police for his continuing frauds so all information will help. Let’s not forget he has already been investigated by Trading Standards already through his damp proofing business so they should know him by now! This London based sham party wall surveyor currently using the name Alex Owen needs to be stopped.

You should also note that professional party wall surveyors do not ask for money prior to any Award being served. Paying ‘up front’ is a sure give away that you you may never get the service promised or that you will ever see your money again.



Graham Eilam Steele of 27 Kestrel Road, Waltham Abbey, EN9 3NB was made bankrupt on 27 Jun 2016. If this is not enough warning not to touch this guy with a barge pole then I am not sure what is.


PLEASE NOTE: Robert Graham Steele of http://www.energyassessorherts.co.uk/ has no connection to the conman Graham Earlam Steele. GS&S Inspections Ltd run by Robert Graham Steele is a well established surveying practise based in Letchworth, Hertfordshire.

 He is about 5’3″ tall, fat, with a shiny bald head with darker hair starting over his ears and meeting around the back. He has multiple chins bulging over his tight collars and seems to always where pointed toed shoes and walks over on the side of one foot. Be aware that this man will take your money without blinking.


Graham Steele, the bankrupt conman uses the following freephone number 0800 622 6573 for his websites  www.damp-proofing.com, www.condensationcontrol-uk.com, www.condensationanddamp.com, www.localdirectsurveyors.co.uk, www.dampproofingassociation.com, www.gpiguarantess.com and www.localtrustedtraders.com.

In other words the same number is responsible for dodgy damp proofing, flogging dubious services to fit Nuaire fans, flogging dodgy fake guarantees, is the contact number for the Lifecote marketing tool, the dodgy ‘The Damp Proofing Association‘ and attempts to recommend traders with dodgy connections to Lifecote and Graham Steele (or is that trusted). Not content with that but the same number is also used for the dubious and dodgy ‘price comparison site ‘localpartywallsurveyors‘. Anyone with an inkling of intelligence or undertaking the minimal amount of due diligence would recognise that Graham Steele is a bankrupt crook of the highest calibre.


Graham Steele no longer has access to bank accounts or credit cards being an undischarged bankrupt. He now is forced to pre-charge his victims using his APS Financial Ltd ‘cashplus card’. This is basically a debit card that accepts and pays out only what he has on the card. He is also issuing VAT invoices under his personal VAT number of 182 1069 22 registered to his name at the address 27 Kestrel Drive, Waltham Abbey, Essex, EN9 3NB.


More complaints coming in this week from previous customers of the ‘Lifecote Group’ shower. Mr Steele has been visiting customers pretending to be independent from Lifecote whilst announcing himself as ‘Alan Johnson’. The customer found this site and immediately recognised him though.


Steele has been turning up to jobs as a ‘party wall surveyor’ in a Renault Kangoo DCi70 in silver grey colour, registration YP06 GOK. That is no doubt so he does not have to show up in his Mercedes E220 SE Blutec Auto registration KP15 DYD.


Graham Steele is finally in court again but this time it is the Bankruptcy Court on Monday 27 June 2016 case number BR-2016-000605. See the link to the listing where his case is listed on the Justice department government website https://www.justice.gov.uk/courts/court-lists/list-cause-rolls#Bank-High where the process of making him bankrupt and preventing him from trading as a director in the future amongst other things, will begin.This is quite pertinent really, as he has threatened anyone who dare question him, with bankruptcy and always had a lot to say about not trading with bankrupt. So now the big ‘I am’ who was bragging not that long ago of turning over millions (£5 million I remember!) and and running a ‘nationwide’ company (that we know just ripped off people) is now on the verge of bankruptcy himself and will be under scrutiny of the trustee who will be allocated to his case and will locate any money he has home and abroad, any money he has ‘transferred’ and tried to ‘lose’, any assets and anything else that be liquidised in order that it can be handed over to pay off his significant debts. In reality, Steele does not have a proverbial pot to pee in, he is an insolvent conman and the law has caught up with him. Maybe he is now regretting the emails he used to send me, sometimes up to 20 a day where he stated ‘I am going to hound you for the rest of your life’. It is you being hounded Mr Steele and there is nowhere to hide anymore.


Graham Eilam Steele’s day has finally come at last! The court has now issued a Bankruptcy Petition against Steele and he will now be made bankrupt next month in London. The trustee in bankruptcy will then be able to investigate the crooked goings on of this conman and delve into all his finances to try and recover the £300,000 he owes due to his cyber libel bullying campaign that he was found guilty of in October 2014 in the High Court in London.


Graham Steele has been diversifying from his damp proofing business ‘Lifecote’ to trying to act as a party wall surveyor using the name of ‘Graham Erlam’ instead of his legal name of Graham Earlam Steele. The awards he has signed have been witnessed by ‘Alan Johnson’ who is a fictitious person that Steele has consistently used for years. I am not sure who he thinks he is fooling but just so he knows, we have seen his late fathers probate so we know exactly what his name is and how it is spelt!

The latest scam works like this: –

Steele is contacted via one of his his websites and in this particular instance www.localsurveyorslondon.co.uk. He then charges up front for his services (which genuine party wall surveyors do not do) and purports to serve notice on the adjoining owners. Unfortunately, in this instance his ‘notice’ was invalid as it did not comply with the procedural requirements of the the Party Wall etc. Act 1996. Steele then went on to make an ‘award’ (his description, not mine!). This is described at best ‘amateurish’ and at worst, a rip off. The award was also invalid and so the building owner now realises that they have wasted nearly £900.00 and the whole process has to start again. Both owners have appointed me to sort out his mess. Steele attended site in a small silver van and then personally came back with the awards the day after but ‘forgot’ to serve the one award on the adjoining owner! No service-not valid; even if the award had of been valid in the first place!

This is the consequence of not undertaking ‘due diligence’ on the party wall surveyor that you pluck from a Google search. Even worst, is that Steele has affiliated himself to a member of a respected organisation in the party wall ‘industry’. This person has been going along with Steele’s dodgy damp proofing franchise/lead generation business known as Lifecote for some years and still is a principle in the damp proofing company that he runs from the same office as his party wall business. He has for a number of years been party to Steele’s unscrupulous business practises and has used the ridiculous designatory letters, M.ISRT after his name alongside some certificate in insurance qualification to try and fool the public into believing he was/is some sort of expert in damp proofing. Well I’m afraid his days are numbered too. His full story will be made available on this website.

Graham Steele’s ‘award’ and invoice will be posted on this site for people to see what can happen if they engage a conman. 


Since Graham Earlam Steele lost in court he has evaded paying the costs and damages awarded against him. It is time for him to face the music and currently has been ordered to pay immediately a little over £142,000. If he does not with a couple of days he faces being made bankrupt. The implications of this are this he has brought nothing but disgrace to his family, although other family members have been involved in his less than honest business such as signing guarantees that are not worth the paper they are written on. Being a bankrupt is not to be taken lightly. The implications are that bank accounts can be closed or frozen, there can be no personal loans or credit cards, no standard bank account or cheque book, a bankrupt can not continue as a director of a limited company, the bankruptcy will appear in the London Gazette and the bankrupts name will be on the Individual Insolvency Register for several years plus many more downsides. However, Steele has informed us that it is no big deal, so that’s all right then!


Graham Steele has set up another scam website at www.localdirectsurveyors.co.uk.  This site, which is owned by the scam Lifecote Group, purports to be a ‘price comparison’ website! In reality it is nothing more than a way to capture your details for which in return you will be forwarded the details of him and his cronies. The domain www.lowcostsurveys.com (registered using the name Adam Knight, another apparent name used by Steele) also resolves to www.localdirectsurveyors.com. Unlike bona fide ‘price comparison’ websites that actually search a database whilst you wait, this is no more than an email to which the conman Graham Earlam Steele, then responds with a reply. Pathetic really, the lengths he will go to to con the public. 


Complaints coming in daily from people who have found this site. Mr X contracted with Lifecote a couple of years ago for some damp work. The damp has returned and the franchisee who undertook the work, Gary Moakes, told the client to contact the Damp Proofing Association if he wanted to claim on the guarantee. We know that the this scam association is owned and run by conman Graham Earlam Steele and apparently after contacting them the client was told they would send out an ‘independent surveyor’. They told him he had to pay £220 for the ‘independent’ inspection which would be refunded. The ‘independent surveyor’ turned up and low and behold it was Graham Earlam Steele. The client confirmed this with a photograph I sent him of Steele. Steele’ independently’ claimed the damp was the client’s own fault, rejected the claim and kept the £220.00. Another complaint to Trading Standards about the scam Lifecote Group outfit.


I have letter from Graham Steele (using the letterhead of Damp-Proofing.com) where he tried to secure a dry rot job by undercutting another company, Peter Cox Preservation. Without seeing the job or carrying out any investigation work, he offered to do the work for £5,500.00, some £2,000 cheaper than Peter Cox. He signed his name Peter Scott BSc HNC M.DPA. Fortunately, the client who was about to sign on the dotted line, found this website. Steele also tried to convince the client that Gary Moakes, going under the name of ‘Lifecote Group’ and also one of Steele’s franchisees, was independent. Fortunately, neither Gary Moakes or Graham Steele manage to extract money from the potential client.


Graham Eirlam Steele has this last week been appointed as a party wall surveyor under the name of Graham Eilam rather than his correct name. It is also confirmed that he is using the name Peter Scott. This is quite improper as he is undertaking a semi-judicial role using incorrect details.Please be aware that as he is misrepresenting facts, any award is likely to be invalid and overturned in Court if appealed. It seems that Steele just cannot stop using the family name of Earlam (or a derivative), taken from his mother Cynthia Earlam Steele, since it was revealed he had a middle name.


Lifecote Ltd (company No. 05850998) has finally gone bump with unpaid CCJ’s of £21,299 not including the unregistered CCJ for around £5,000. This is money that people like you and me have lost at the hands of this crook. Graham Steele is owner of the trademark ‘Lifecote’ in relation to ‘damproofing’.


Timber and Damp Proofing Ltd 2010 (formerly called Lifecote Europe Ltd) (company No. 07205318) is in the first stages of being struck off. Both the accounts and annual return are overdue and Companies House have started proceedings to strike off the company. This company has debts in the way of unpaid High Court Judgemets of circa £132,000.


The Damp Proofing Association (company No. 07981344) has failed to filed accounts and they are now overdue. This company also owes circa £132,000 in High Court Judgements as well as CCJ’s from the County Court unpaid.


Graham Earlam Steele who registered a company in October 2015 with the same name as this website domain ‘Party Wall Act Surveyor Ltd (Company No. 09839222) using a false name of Graham Erlam has since changed the name of the only director to Graham Steele. Obviously realising he had committed an offence, he quickly changed the name once he realised that it had been publicised. Be aware that the Limited company has nothing to do with this website and using Steele’s company will result in you losing money at the very least.


Money is always a consideration when you are carrying out building work but remember, once you pay your £395 plus VAT to Graham Steele and its goes wrong, you are unlikely to recover any money and you will have to start the whole process again. I can only warn you!


Do Not Take Risks- Call For Immediate Attention –

Richard G Johnson MFPWS ACIOB Dip Eng Law (Open) on 07740 257 414 


Member of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyorsfpws logo